Free Standing Headband/Glasses Display - Clear & Frosted (4)
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These unique displays can accommodate up to 5 Headbands, Glasses or a combination of Headbands and Glasses.  The display fits perfectly in any Retail or Specialty Store, Trade Show, Home or Office.

It is made from 1/4" acrylic - not the flimsy 1/8" found in most other displays.  The base is made of clear 1/4" acrylic and the body is 1/4" frosted acrylic. Quantity of 4

The display has 2" long posts on 3 sides to keep the headbands and glasses securely in place.


Body     4 1/4" wide at back tapered to 2 3/4" in front x 16 1/2" high

Base     7" long x 6" wide

We are a CUSTOM FABRICATOR OF: Lucite nest tables, counter top displays, top loading sign holders, bottom loading sign holders, slant back sign holders, tents style holders, business card holders, window mount sign holders, acrylic ballot boxes, food display cases, acrylic cake displays, food bins, acrylic bulk food bins, jewelry displays, acrylic risers, acrylic podiums, acrylic slatwall displays, slatwall cigarette cases, slatwall bins, acrylic brochure holders, display cases.

**We specialize in custom acrylic retail or point of purchase (p o p) displays**



  • Item #: PA1009
  • Manufacturer: Acrylics Unlimited

Free Standing Headband/Glasses Display - Clear & Frosted (4)

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